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Welcome to Väsby Trafikskola - on the road since 1978! Our goal is to give you the best value for money! We will adapt the education to your level and personal demands - at the end of the day, our goal is the same as yours - that you should be a safe driver and of course - your driving license!

Do you prefer your education in English?

We can help you with driving lessons with English speaking instructors.

The driving practise is done in a Honda Civic, Nissan Qashqai or a Volvo Bi-Fuel. The Volvo comes with a automatic gear box. The cars are equipped with dual controls, air-condition and alcolock. 

The theoretical driving license book, and practise tests (online) are available in English.

The final tests at Trafikverket, can also be done in English.


Please contact us for further information.


STR - A more secure choice of driving education.

We are members of The Swedish National Association of Driving Schools, STR, that is an organisation for driving schools that offer professional driver training. STR is represented by around 630 member companies, which operate approximately 700 of Sweden’s 800 driving schools.